Door entry systems are a convenient and secure way to control access to a building or property. They help to make people feel safe and can also improve the value of a property.

They’re suitable for both residential and commercial properties, and a range of options and features can be combined to meet your needs.

Audio based systems usually consist of a panel outside the entrance door (with one or more buttons) and a wall-mounted handset inside. When a visitor presses the call button, the handset will ring and a two-way conversation can be held. The person inside can then release the door by simply pressing a button.

A range of advanced features can also be built in, including privacy of speech (preventing interference from other handsets), and timers to record the time of calls, door releases, and even the duration of conversations.

Video systems go one step further and usually incorporate a monitor in the handset and a camera at the point of entry. Available in monochrome or colour, they allow you to see visitors before allowing them to enter the property. You can even use the system to check ID badges by asking visitors to hold them up to the camera.

As well as audio and video options, you can choose between modular and concierge systems. Modular systems can be adapted to meet a number of requirements, from simple one button systems to multiple button panels for multi-occupancy buildings. Concierge systems allow calls to be intercepted from both the apartment and the door panel, greatly improving co-ordination of the facility. Both types of systems can also be set up to open barriers or gates, as long as they use electronic automation.

All door entry systems can be integrated with existing features, including access control, telephone lines and CCTV. For example, footage from a door entry system can be recorded and monitored along with other CCTV output. A range of finishes are available too, so that modern handsets and monitors can be integrated into existing decor. Yorkshire security’s experts can advise you on the right door entry system for your premises, then install, maintain and repair your system on a one-off or contract basis.

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