We believe home automation should be simple and affordable. That’s why we offer a complete smart home solution for lighting, heating, security, audio, blinds, PV & Solar and more. A Smart Home is one complete ecosystem with one central brain and just one app.

No more island solutions! In a Smart Home every device is controlled and monitored by a central hub, the Miniserver. Simple push buttons, sensors, as well as complex systems such as photovoltaic installations are fully integrated

Blinds and Shading

Control your blinds individually, in groups or even automatically. You can even integrate your blinds with your burglar alarm to open when an intruder is detected.


LED strips, lighting scenes, dimming and so much more. Create the perfect look in your home with lighting control from Loxone.

Multi-Zone Heating

Save up to £400 a year with multi zone heating and enjoy every room of the house at just the temperature you like it.

Multi-Room Audio

Listen to your favourite music in every room: sing along to your Spotify playlist in the shower in the morning, or chill out with relaxing music over dinner.


Measure how much energy your smart home is using; automatically turn off power-hungry electricity guzzlers, or use self-produced electricity to bring those bills down.


Create your individual alarm system with existing components such as presence detectors, and drive out unwanted guests with bright lights, loud music and more.

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